I’m a hospitality graduate out of The Netherlands says and to me, a calling, is work so meaningful that we would continue doing it even if we won the lottery and became independently wealthy. As I was adopted and consider myself lucky beyond words, I always had the innate desire to give back, I just simply couldn’t decide how. What I did know was the three pillars of sustainability (people, planet & profit) made sense and moving back to the US in 2016 gave me another opportunity to find a way to create a value for others.

After moving to Boston from Amsterdam in 2016 and jumping right back into hotels, I knew deep down if I wanted to run the American race, I’d better choose the right shoes make it a meaningful journey.

Less than a year later, I escaped out of the hospitality scene and found a Massachusetts born and bred compost pick up startup; City Compost.
At City Compost, I applied my sales work ethic and together with the founder of City Compost, grew the customer base exponentially. Inspiring something you hold on to for so long is a feeling of success, a personal milestone some may call it.

Early 2018, I invested in a Ford F-150 to help make composting runs across Boston and beyond but I knew there was more good to be done with a truck than emitting emissions. Moving can be big business during high demand times in Beantown. A lot of people, especially students in the greater Boston area hassle with moving in and out yearly. As hospitality runs through my veins, of course I am more than happy to help.

In May 2018, it was time to turn the The Green Solutionist concept into an insured moving LLC and since then me and the team have been specializing in Micro-Moves primarily in Somerville (not limited to). Micro moves require minimal manpower and one or two pickup trucks (sectional couches, dressers, single bedroom-moves, desks, medium- to large sized furniture and more). Trailer attachments are also available upon request for bigger moves.

In July 2018, I again reentered the hospitality industry, this time at an organization which I fully support; at the reception of Greentown Labs in Somerville. Greentown Labs is now the global center for clean-tech innovation, an organization incubating startups who tackle the world’s most pressing environmental and energy challenges. I proudly have always been an ambassador of any brand I venture into. It is safe to say the “calling” I was referring to earlier, has been achieved; yet another successful milestone. That saying,”seek, and you shall find”, from experience is true. You must keep looking for your calling.

My first week at Greentown Labs, serendipity played a role and introduced me to the Green Gas Card by The Green Gas Movement, coincidentally also a startup based out of Greentown Labs. The Green Gas Movement allocates 10 cents out of every gallon to carbon offset projects,

For now, the objective is to continue to strive to become a key facilitator of sustainable practices while I plan to inspire the green life for a very long time.

Schedule your next (micro) move with The Green Solutionist by shooting an email to thegreensolutionist@gmail.com or call 857-236-5157 for a quote! Check us out at greensolutionist.com or facebook.com/thegreensolutionist.