Originally Published in The Somerville TImes, April 1, 2009

906aSomerville Local First gained an endorsement from the Board of Alderman last week supporting its efforts to get city residents to spend 10 percent of their budgets at local businesses.

Somerville Local First Executive Director and 10 % Shift committee member Joe Grafton was on hand with business representatives from throughout the city to receive recognition from both the Aldermen and Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

“This is going to support our local character and diversity,” Curtatone said. “I think that’s what makes Somerville unique. In these economic times, it’s good that our dollars are staying here within our business districts.”

The 10% Shift is a coalition of businesses throughout New England that has seen 277 people sign a pledge to spend that amount of their budget locally since forming last fall. The group claims that if five million households in New England signed the pledge it would generate $5 billion and create 48,000 jobs…READ MORE